Thursday, May 6, 2010

Im Back!!!

After a long overdue break, I am back full force and ready to start posting again. Updates on our family: Shawn is almost over with his first year of homeschool and while it has been fun, its been a challenge.He still wants to be homeschooled for 5th grade so as long as he likes it, we will stick with it. Although there will be some changes for next year. Jake is 4 and is stuck between being a big kid ready to do everything on his own, to still needing help and love from Mommy. He is playing T-ball this year(HOOKS) and I must say so myself, is one of the BEST players on his team. He can hit the ball that the coach pitches him almost to the grass.He gets a little confused about the direction to run but thankfully there are plenty of dads out there to flag him down at the bases. We are attempting to find a preschool for him for next year but if it doesnt work out, we will have a blast at home.
  We are gearing up for a BUSY summer. Between playgroups and VBS and regular fun, we are talking about taking a trip to the ocean(the real one, no more lake for us). We're hoping to spend a few days in Savannah. So thats about it. Cant wait to start getting things ready and in order. Did I mention we moved into a new house? Yep!! Its a big doublewide and I cant tell you how thankful I am to have a bathroom seperate from the boys'. Plus it has a HUGE garden tub and a seperate shower. Life is good.

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