Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Back to school and back to a routine

The kids started back to school on August 10th and its been an adjustment. They were all used to sleeping in and staying up late. Plus playing outside until it gets dark. I'm excited to have the days to myself again so I can get the house back in order.But as always life gets in the way.So far there has been 4 doctors appointments,3 dentist visits,2 conferences and 5 helping teacher days. I'm tired and we are only 3 weeks in.Thank goodness we get a 3 day weekend to spend with the grandparents.I'm hoping for cooler weather.


I am so excited for the cooler weather I can hardly wait. We have had a few teaser days with cooler temps especially in the mornings but by the afternoon, it's back to hot again. I go to bed dreaming of pumpkins,leaves changing,and muffins fresh from the oven. I CAN'T WAIT!!

Football season for Jacob will be starting again soon.Shawn decided not to do football as he wants to join the wrestling team at the middle school.Destiny will have volleyball soon but we don't yet know when that will start.

My to-do list now includes:
  *finishing the curtains for the house
  *organizing the game/puzzle cabinets
  *get scrapbook supplies organizied
  *scrapbook some pages(LOL) 
 *start on Christmas gifts(never too early).

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